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"Tanya is a skilled and accomplished instructor who is nurturing and supportive, moulding her lesson structure to myself and my two children taking into account our previous riding experience, current physical fitness with our different ambitions. Tanya can push you to achieve your goals."
Karen Callingham
"A massive thank you to Tanya today.  I am still smiling after that lesson. I am not the most confident rider, and have not had a lesson in a year. Tanya is so warm, friendly and professional, I had no nerves, I honestly feel with the help and support of Tanya, next year, I am going to be brave enough to go out there and compete! Again, a million thanks."
Natasha Bolt, Alresford
Helping a nervous rider

Helping a nervous rider

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Photo by Sharon Thayer

"My daughter lost all her confidence after 2 falls , couldn’t even get her to trot in the school , In one lesson Tanya Guy turned her around she’s now been out on a hack for the first time , what a super lady ! 
I can’t be more pleased with how she handled my daughters fear 
Thankyou Tanya Guy xxx"
Tracy Jayne
"Tanya is fantastic with my daughter and her pony , it's the best I've seen him achieve in only 1 lesson looking forward to many more thankyou Tanya"
Jade Howard
"Thank you for a great lesson today - really challenging in a good way!"
Mary Taylor
"Excellent lesson, very informative, thank you Tanya. Looking forward to Emily’s next lesson. Thank you"
Tina Pearce
"Thank you Tanya, for giving my children the confidence to keep going when they were ready to give up jumping.  You gave them so much encouragement and were very patient with their mother too!"
Fleur, Ropley
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